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Home Buyers Guide

Do You Want To Buy A Home?

The process of buying a home can be a scary and intimidating experience. Between, realtors, home inspections, lawyers, bankers, etc it can feel like you are learning a foreign language.  Don't make some of the most common and costly mistakes first time home buyers make.

Our Ultimate Home Buyer Guide is a 12 step interactive guide that will reveal all the vital information and great strategies that will allow you to find your dream home faster and feel confident about the purchase.


In This Guide You Will Learn:

down-arrow-15px Step 1: Top Home Buying Questions & Answers

So you’re thinking about buying a home? Discover home buying facts from fiction with answers to the top home buying questions.

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down-arrow-15px Step 2: The Hidden Costs of Home Ownership

Owning a home is more than the purchase price. Understand the hidden costs of homeownership.

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down-arrow-15px Step 3: Monthly Home Budget Planner

Know the costs with running a household. Budget your monthly expenses with our free downloadable planner.

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down-arrow-15px Step 4: Mortgage Lender Interview Checklist

Get the most out of your home buying experience by asking the right questions. Get started with our free mortgage lender interview checklist today.

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down-arrow-15px Step 5: Top Mortgage Application Tips

Finding your way through securing a mortgage is a big task. We help take the stress out of securing the funding to make your dream home a reality.

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down-arrow-15px Step 6: Agent Interview Checklist

It doesn't cost to have an agent help you buy a new home. Find out how to choose the right agent for you!

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down-arrow-15px Step 7: Choosing the Perfect Location in 5 Steps

The old adage is location, location, location - but what does that mean? Check out the 5 easy steps to choosing your perfect location.

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down-arrow-15px Step 8: House Hunting Comparison Worksheet

When viewing multiple homes, the pros and cons of each may begin to blur together. Use our house hunting comparison worksheet to organize the features of each home.

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down-arrow-15px Step 9: Home Inspection Checklist

Use our home inspection checklist while viewing homes to avoid any unexpected costs after taking possession.

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down-arrow-15px Step 10: Real Estate Lawyer Interview Checklist

Learn all the questions you should ask when meeting with a potential real estate lawyer by using our interview checklist.

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down-arrow-15px Step 11: Change of Address Notification Worksheet

Use our address notification worksheet to update your mailing information with your contacts, so you don't miss any important mail.

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down-arrow-15px Step 12: Preparing to Move Checklist

Take the stress out of moving day by planning ahead with the preparing to move checklist.

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